A courtyard full of cocktails, cookies, and marshmallows and a room transformed into a berry foraging experience and cooking masterclass was what my Wednesday entailed. It was a fairytale-like day to say the least. Jette Virdi was so kind as to teach us a little bit about the art of jam making. I used to watch my grandmother make it as a kid and thought it always looked so difficult. After Jette ran us through the recipe I was surprised at how easy it actually is! Now I know why we always got random jars of presents as kids.

The cooking masterclass started out with an intro to the different kinds of Siucra sugars we would be using: jam sugar, icing sugar, and casting sugar. We foraged around the room for our raspberries, strawberries, and rhubarb to make jam and other recipes. As we mixed all the ingredients together and put them on the stove to make the raspberry and basil jam, the room filled with the most amazing smells. I can’t pick a favorite, but along with the jam we made cheesecakes and syrup for cocktails. We made 4 different recipes for the day and they were all crazy amazing and super easy (one of them is below- check it out!). 

I always seem to find myself having random Siucra packs of sugar in my cupboard and now I know what to do with them!