Considered café, by Helen James, is a spot I’ve passed by many times walking through town to go here or there and just never enough time to stop in. One reason why it appeals to me so much is because it’s like sitting in someone else’s kitchen. There’s something about wooden tables, big open windows, and a ‘help yourself’ treats bar that is just so inviting. Not to mention the home and kitchen products for sale around the place. When I finally had some time to spare before an appointment I knew straight away where I wanted to go. I sat in there for about an hour eating a small plate (that was more than enough) of a variety of their fresh salads and writing by the window. Great place for people watching. I was a little jealous of the girl’s sandwich a few seats to my right as I could smell the basil and spices wafting over to me. I couldn’t resist a freshly made oatmeal raisin cookie. It was divine… and only €1! I’ve decided I need to go back pronto.

cafe drury street

considered cafe rathmines