To celebrate her upcoming appearance at the West Waterford Festival of Food, taking place from April 15th- 17th, Lilly Higgins has shared one of her favourite recipes- sticky toffee cakes. This is perfect for entertaining as you can prepare them beforehand and then reheat and cover in the addictive toffee sauce! You can use muffin tins lined with cases, it’s a lot easier than greasing and flouring all of the tins. Don’t forget to serve with an extra jug of toffee sauce and some freshly whipped cream! The sauce keeps in the fridge for weeks.

sticky toffee cakes recipe

Ingredients (Makes 8-10 cakes)

120g dates, pitted and chopped
150g (5oz) sultanas
1 tsp bread soda
250ml water
60g (2oz) butter
185g (7oz) Self Raising Flour
125g (4 1/2oz) brown sugar
2 eggs, lightly whisked

Toffee Sauce:
140g (5oz) brown sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
90g (3oz) butter
185ml cream


1. Preheat the oven to 180. Line a muffin tray with 8-12 paper cases (depending on size)
2. Put the dates, sultanas and 250ml water into a pan. Bring to the boil, remove from the heat and stir in the bread soda.
3. Add the butter and stir until melted.
4. Sift the flour into a bowl. Stir In the sugar. Make a well in the centre, add the date mixture and eggs. Combine well.
5. Divide the batter amongst the cake cases. Bake for 20 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.
6. To make the sauce; Put the golden syrup, cream, butter and sugar into a medium saucepan over a low heat.
7. Stir for 5 minutes until the sugar dissolves. Now increase the heat and bring to the boil.
8. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2 minutes.

To serve, pierce the warm cakes a few times with a skewer, pour over the sauce and serve with cold whipped cream.