Lately I’ve noticed such an abundance of amazing value early bird deals in Dublin. Pre recession, I used to be quite hesitant about early birds, and found that the quality of the food just wasn’t up to scratch (perhaps a slight generalisation) but after visiting many restaurants lately and trying their great value early meals, this is most definitely not the case any more. So much so that I’ve decided to write this ‘Early Bird Series’ to highlight some of the best value (with no compromise on quality) meals that I’ve had recently.

First up is a long term favourite restaurant of mine, Bon Appetit. Located beside Malahide Marina, this restaurant has everything- a high quality restaurant downstairs and a lively bar serving tapas on the ground level, which is great for some after dinner cocktails. I’ve visited Bon Appetit 3 times in the last few months for their unbelievable value early bird which is just €17 for 2 courses and each time I leave, I am amazed at the value.

The seafood chowder on my most recent visit was flavoured with ginger, lemongrass and coconut- a very well balanced and satisfying start.

bon appétit malahide

Seafood Chowder

I’m not usually a meat person, but every time I have visited Bon Appetit I’ve chosen the cured beef short rib. Served with shiitake, miso broth and celeriac noodles, the meat melts in your mouth and the combination of flavours are seriously tasty! If you can manage it, a side of mashed potato is essential. It is smothered in a mouth watering sweet onion gravy and topped with crispy beef.

early bird malahide

Beef Short Rib

bon appétit malahide

Hereford Beef Burger with Fois Gras Parfait and Truffle Myo

What keeps me coming back to Bon Appetit again and again is that the menu is changed every couple of weeks so there is always something new to try. This early bird is undoubtedly some of the best value dining I’ve seen in Dublin, and somewhere I see myself visiting again and again.