Chopped is taking Dublin by storm and Rathmines is the next area to gain the healthy food company! All of their fresh produce is Irish grown and all of their dressings are gluten and dairy free. They have cold pressed juices, and smoothies (which I’m obsessed with!) and if you’re counting calories you can see what you’re intake is on the menu. I’ve been wanting to go to Chopped for months and now that it’s right down the road from me I was so excited to try it!

chopped rathmines On opening day we went when from 11 – 1 when they were offering free salads and it was as scrumptious as it looks. They have a whole wall of lettuce you can choose from as well as an array of colorful ingredients right in front of you. We got the Dubliner Caesar Salad and the Piri-Piri Chicken Salad. Everything tastes so fresh and healthy and is still very filling. And you have to love a restaurant with some clever design as well… look at those light fixtures! One of the best parts about Chopped is that they have a 30 minute delivery option. Definitely hit up your local Chopped if you have yet to try it!

chopped rathmines