Camile Thai Kitchen is kicking off the New Year with a limited-edition superfood-packed dish created by top nutritional cook Susan Jane White. A great treat if you’re keeping an eye on the calories this month!

Susan Jane’s Superfood satay stir fry with Asian greens (pictured), created specially for Camile, is packed full of flavour and bursting with immune-boosting goodness: Bok Choy, Spring Onions, Fine Beans, Broccoli and Soya beans served in a creamy Satay sauce flavoured with Tamari and Ginger – topped with Goji Berries, and served with Wild and Brown Rice on the Side. It cannot get any healthier than this!

The stir fry is priced at €14.95 and will be available across Camile’s seven branches from 15th January until the end of February. The dish can also be enjoyed with GM-free Irish tofu.

Camile is also launching its ‘6 Under 600’, a new menu of healthy dishes, proving you can indulge in a take-away this month without overloading on calories.

The menu includes Pad King, King prawn with ginger and Thai mushroom stir fry (540 calories), and Chu Chee Chicken Curry, fiery hot red curry with cucumber, fine beans and onion, served with a Camile side salad.

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