Every week I am going to do a weekly mini wine review. Wine can be quite subjective so I have a couple of people also tasting the wine so we can get a balanced review of it (I am no wine connoisseur!). I will be choosing a wine that is easily available and not too expensive, preferably on special offer- I hope you enjoy!

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. I dislike giving very negative reviews on anything so I will only be choosing wines that I would be happy to recommend!

Mc Guigan Wine Review

Name of Wine: McGuigan Cabernet Shiraz

Price: €8.50 from Supervalu (was €18.50)

Main Flavours: Blackberry, Vanilla

Comments: This is quite a light wine, with berry and cherry flavours. I first drank it without food and wasn’t too sure on the flavour but it greatly improved with a nice beef casserole. Although I wouldn’t usually be a fan of Shiraz, this one was light enough for me to enjoy. Overall great value for €8.50 and it would suit most palattes. It would also be great with a cheeseboard.

Verdict: 6/10