There is nothing better than a nice warming drink after a stroll around town at Christmas time. Below is a guide on where to get the best warming drinks in Dublin this Christmas!

 Spiced Hot Apple at Ely Bar and Brasserie

Apple and cinnamon must be two of the nicest Christmas flavours. This Jameson, high bank driver cider, cinnamon and high bank apple syrup hot cocktail sounds delicious!

Spiced Apple Drink

Malted Hot Chocolate at Vice

Crushed maltesers topped with steaming hot milk. This looks like a hug in a glass and seems like a perfect mid shopping pick me up!

Malted Hot Chocolate

Bison Berry Punch at Bison Bar

Bison have a selection of winter cocktails on the menu but this one with Whiskey, Blackcurrant Jam, Honey, Cinnamon and a slice of orange sounds like just what you’d need after a busy day in town!

Bison Berry Punch


Quay 14 Cocoa at The Morrison Hotel

Warmed Hennessy, spiced syrup and vanilla, mixed through heavy cream and hot chocolate, garnished with nutmeg and dark chocolate- a very indulgent hot chocolate! If you’re feeling extra bold why not try it with their crispy deep fried doughnuts, with sweet citrus, caramel and chocolate sauce for dipping!

Morrison Hotel Donuts

Hot Port at The Gingerman

A hot port is essential on a cold winter evening and the Ginger Man on Fenian Street is the perfect cosy pub to enjoy one at Christmas time!

Hot Port