Marks and Spencer have gone all out for Valentine’s this year with their new confectionary range! Below is a peek at some of the new range of sweets and there is bound to be something for everyone here. They certainly all passed the taste test and I loved the fun packaging! I have to say I think there is a tendency to go a bit over the top in terms of gifts for Valentine’s Day, so something edible is a perfect gift for the occasion.


M&S ConfectionaryChocolate covered caramels are luscious and the tin is so cute. Once I have devoured the chocolates I will be using it for storing jewellery!


M&S confectionaryChocolate biscuits covered in raspberry and vanilla fondant are biscuits at their best. And they look great too!


M&S chocolate…and lots to choose from for the chocolate lover in your life.


M&S Sweets…for those with a really sweet tooth these strawberry and pear flavour jelly beans and marshmallows would definitely hit the spot.


Again, it is nice to see something a bit more inventive than a box of chocolates- some jellies are a fun alternative.

IMG_0499In terms of packaging these are another winner, and they taste delicious too. A nice bit of variety with both chocolate covered caramelised peanuts and crunchy pieces of butterscotch- they are quite a treat!

All of the products listed are available in store.