Dublin's first Gin and Tonic festival will run across some of the city's top venues from June 22nd-27th!

All venues will all be selling their very special Irish Gin & Tonic at a 30% discount to festival wristband holders. Also available will be food pairings as well as workshops from each of the distilleries involved. On top of all that, there will be some great promotions with TheTaste.ie.

Dublin’s Gin & Tonic Fest will only feature Irish gin brands- Glengalough Distillery, Dingle Gin and Shortcross gin. The thirty venues involved will all be on board and each one will be working with one of three Irish premium gins! The recent rise and confidence of Irish spirit companies has never been better and what’s great about these three Irish gin brands in particular, is that they all use local botanicals from their own areas in their fantastic products. Festival attendants will be able to enjoy unique flavours of Ireland from three different provinces!

Wristbands can be purchased from the various venues involved. More information can be found here. 

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Dingle Gin (400x400)