Planning a first date can be something of a daunting task to most people. Here are some idea's to make life that little bit easier!

You’ve been through endless Tinder profiles, Plenty of Fish-ed until there are no more fish in the sea, texted, Snapchatted, maybe even had a few phonecalls (God forbid!), but now the ever feared DATE NIGHT is here! There are many things to consider when choosing somewhere for a first date, and there is also a lot of pressure because, like it or not, you are being seriously judged on wherever you choose. You want somewhere relaxed, with a good atmosphere so that there is distraction from any awkwardness, possibly food if you can stomach it with the nerves, a couple of drinks to calm yourselves, or maybe you’re a bit of a seasoned dater and a simple coffee will suffice. Either way, we have you covered with these date idea’s below!

1) Peruke and Periwig, Dawson Street

This is somewhere to go if you really want to impress. The three story immaculately decorated old world style bar is beautiful and has divine cocktails, so suggesting here will make you look very well informed. It has a cosy atmosphere, but you won’t be on top of anyone, and also has a great food menu should you get peckish.

 2) Ely Winebars, Grand Canal Dock

This is a great spot to sit outside in a relaxed atmosphere with a few nice drinks. Sitting outside is a good ice breaker in itself because there’s usually loads going on around you that you can talk about. Ely do some great sharing plates which is perfect for something more casual. The last thing you want on a first date is a formal meal so a sharing plate over some wine is perfect!

3) Café at the Science Gallery, Trinity College

This is a fantastic date idea because not only is it interesting but you will have loads to talk about over a coffee and cake after one of their exhibitions. If you really hit it off why not head over to the Pav afterwards and get a drink or two.

4) Picnic at Iveagh Gardens

The Iveagh Gardens just off Harcourt Street are probably the most beautiful and least busy of Dublin’s parks. Stroll up Camden Street and grab some food on the way. There’s loads to choose from- one of the infamous sandwiches at the Green Bench, a burrito or some delicious thai food from Neon. If you’re really on the ball and out to impress why not pre order a picnic from Carluccio’s or Fallon and Byrne.

5) The Black Sheep, Capel Street

This is a great place for beer drinkers. It’s a chilled and informal bar with an outstanding collection of craft beers and ciders. Taste some interesting beers together, play a few board games, get some nice food… what more could you want on a first date?

6) Fixx Coffee House, Dawson Street

Going for a date in a coffee shop isn’t exactly the most romantic thing in the world but this place is cosy and informal with quality coffee and cakes. A great location, you can always go for a stroll around Grafton Street after or get some food in one of the many nearby restaurants if things are going well.