A huge number of people now seem to be either intolerant to dairy or choose to eliminate it due to certain diets like veganism or the paleo diet. Although most coffee shops serve soy milk, I find sometimes the coffee with it tastes absolutely disgusting. There are many other superior dairy alternatives like almond or coconut milk and thankfully some cafes are catching on to this. I’ve tried and tested a lot of dairy free coffee and below are the best.

1) Sasha House Petite, Drury Street

This teeny tiny coffee shop beside Drury Street carpark is so small that you have probably walked passed it a million times and not noticed. They have their own micro brewery, and all cakes are made by their pastry chef (apparently the pork belly bread is amazing). The have by far the largest selection of dairy free milks available of any cafe/restaurant in Dublin I’ve been to- rice, coconut, soy and almond.

2) Kaph, Drury Street

This sort-of-new coffee shop has gained a high reputation fast for their excellent coffee. They offer almond, soy and coconut milk and as well as this you can also get some Paleo Man cakes (wheat/gluten and dairy free). It’s lovely to get a coffee to go and sit on their bench for some people watching! Word on the street is that they do a mean matcha latte!

3) KC Peaches, Dame Street and Nassau Street

I am a big fan of KC peaches in general but especially their coffee. They offer a good quality soy milk (in vanilla or natural flavour), as well as homemade almond milk. Perfect in a flat white!

4) Honest to Goodness, Dame Court

Ok, so this place does soy milk at no extra cost which isn’t exactly mind-blowing but what IS mind-blowing is their “Bulletproof” coffee. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s simply coffee made with coconut oil so no milk is needed. It may sound a bit odd but it tastes delicious and is guaranteed to give you that kick in the morning!

5) Antoinette’s Bakery, Kevin Street, Dublin 8

Antoinette’s is a completely gluten free bakery and they also offer soy or almond milk coffee’s. Be warned that going in here is dangerous- you may come out with a lot more than you intended to!


*These are my suggestions, but if there’s anywhere I’m missing out on please let me know!