Isn’t brunch the BEST meal ever? Well, Gourmet Grazing are having a culinary collaboration with Roasted Brown to bring you the Brunch Club! It’s happening every Saturday in Roasted Brown, Filmbase from 11-4… and it’s amazing. And do not fret, there is coffee too. COME HUNGRY! COME THIRSTY!

roasted brown brunch club









roasted brown baked beans, fried eggs, avocado, chorizo, sour cream. want to spice things up with some jalapenos? let us know!

poached eggs with feta pea crush, bacon crumb, toasted sourdough, hollandaise

ultimate toastie of pulled pork, smoked drumlin cheese, pickles and wholegrain mustard

french toast, caramelised banana, ed hicks crispy bacon, maple syrup

quinoa porridge made with almond milk, poached peach, honey, strawberries (gluten free/dairy free/paleo)


Roasted Brown, 1st Floor, Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

Twitter: @RoastedBrown