So, as some of you who are following me on Twitter may know, I am doing the GBBO technical challenge every week. This week was the arlette biscuit. Now, let me say that I am not a huge of a fan of making pastry. This whole process really confirmed that and was absolute hell on earth for the 4 hours (FOUR HOURS) it took me to make the biscuits!

I found Paul’s recipe quite confusing on paper (sorry Paul!) so I supplemented it with this one which I found online. The pastry is called an inverted puff pastry, because the butter layer is wrapped around the other layer as opposed to visa versa in ordinary puff pastry. I really found this a very tough bake and I can safely say it is not something I will ever make again, EVER!

The whole process was long, messy and left me with nothing but a broken rolling pin!

The full GBBO recipe can be found here:

This is what they should look like…

Screenshot 2015-08-17 21.44.40

And here is what mine looked like (slightly mortified!)…

gbbo technical challenge 2015


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