Eating out Paleo in Dublin is no longer a chore!

The Paleo diet has become a popular lifestyle choice in the last coupe of years. Basically it eliminates anything that is processed, including sugar, grains, processed oils, wheat and dairy. The concept is a throwback to the caveman era when the diet consisted mainly of fish, meats (grass-fed and ethically slaughtered), vegetables, nuts, and fruit. It is a diet that takes serious commitment, but it seems to make basic sense. After all, why would we want to put processed oils and sugars into our bodies? ¬†It’s no surprise that anyone who goes on this diet swears by it and it even claims to dramatically reduce symptoms of serious¬†autoimmune diseases.

Many restaurants are now catching on to the growth of this diet and paleo eaters no longer have to spend hours preparing food and carrying a lunchbox everywhere with many restaurants offering paleo options on menu’s. Below is a little list to make eating out paleo style less scary, and more tasty!

1. Saba

Saba is a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant which has recently revamped their menu with a focus towards healthy eating. The food here is seriously flavoursome, filling and reasonably priced. This uber-stylish eatery would be great for a friday night treat!

2. Little Ass Burrito Bar (Pictured)

Little Ass Burritos have proved that being paleo doesn’t mean a compromise on flavour with their paleo burrito box. Chilli and lime chicken, sweet potato, guacamole, coriander… need we say more? This is just simple wholesome tasty food! They’re even open until 2am on the weekends if you get the post pub urge for something delicious!

3. Bunsen

Bunsen has a simple business card sized menu, but they have not forgotten the paleo folk! Possibly the best burger in Dublin (in my opinion anyway), is served in a lettuce leaf instead of a bun and you can add a side of their delicious sweet potato fries. Because sometimes all you want is a big juicy burger!

4. Seven Social

Seven Social is a hidden gem over in Stoneybatter and one of the best restaurants in Dublin featuring fresh local and delicious food. There menu, which changes seasonally, is small but perfectly formed, and they always have one or 2 dishes which are paleo friendly. They source all ingredients from small scale irish producers and put serious love and creativity into the food, which is evident on the plate.

5. Rustic Stone

Rustic Stone have a strong healthy eating ethos which is clear from their menu. Whether you want a salad or a steak on a stone there is something here for you! Slightly on the pricey side, this is one for a special occasion!